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My New Wacky Washer

We’ve been in our new villa home in Franklin, Tennessee, for one full week now, and everyone we’ve met here at the Fountains has been friendly and welcoming. However, last Monday, I had a problem.

After being unable to wash clothes during our previous days of loading, moving, unloading and unpacking, I had several loads to take care of. Stepping into our new laundry room, I took a closer look at the washer. The control panel across the top appeared similar to my old Kenmore, so I turned the dials to the settings I wanted, dumped in a half scoop of washing powder, added a small load of underwear and other whites, then closed the lid and pressed Start. However, no water flowed into the tub!

First, my new machine sang a little computerized “tune.” Then it began pulsing and making a terrible groaning noise. Still, no water flowed into the tub. I could hear water squirting out in short little spurts as the washer continued its noisy gyrations.

I turned to Jim, the Fountains’ maintenance man who was there to give us a tutorial on our other appliances. “What’s going on? Is my machine on the blink?”

Jim shook his head. “I’m not sure,” he said. “This is one of those new water-senser models. It does sound a little strange. I may need to call the company.”

My heart sank as I opened the lid and stared at my dirty clothes, now damp and all twisted together in a wad on one side of the tub. “Well, maybe one of the other women in the villas could tell us if it’s acting normal or not,” I said.

Jim’s face brightened. “Good idea. I know just the person to ask. I’ll see if she can come down, and you can tell her what it’s doing. After that, I’ll know if I need to call the company or not.”

After lunch, the doorbell rang, and I met our friendly neighbor, Nettie Craig, who lives in Villa 339. I thanked her for coming and explained my predicament.

“Honey, I know just how you feel! I felt the same way the first time I ever used these crazy machines. But I’ve learned not to worry. They do clean your clothes.”

She explained how the washer first senses the amount of clothing in the tub and determines how much water to use. “I’ve learned just to set my washer, press Start, then go out and shut the door. It can make all the racket it wants to, and even if the load gets off kilter, I don’t care. It can bounce all around the room if it wants to!” She laughed, and I did too.

We had a great visit, learning a little more about each other, and that was fun.

Since then, I’ve washed a number of other loads, and I’ve heeded Nettie’s advice. I simply set the controls, throw in my powder and clothes, press Start, and leave the room. My new wacky washer does its thing, and I’m happy as a clam.


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