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One of our biggest chores as we prepare to move has been going through all the “stuff” we’ve stored for the past 14 years. We brought lots of memorabilia with us from Mississippi to Arkansas, and most of it has stayed packed in boxes in the attic the whole time we’ve been here. Now, it’s time to pitch it!

This morning, my agile 84-year-old husband climbed the pull-down ladder in our garage and began handing me down various items. Fortunately, some were only empty moving boxes, stored for a future move. But one heavy box had to be unpacked before we could examine it.

Inside, were dirty, moldy high school yearbooks from my teenage years back during the fifties. I do still have the annual from my senior year that I’d kept on one of our bookshelves inside the house, and I’m glad I have it. But these others will have to go!

Another box upstairs contained multiple plaques and framed family photos. The plaques were wonderful to receive at the times they were presented to us—some for achievements in our careers, some for our years of service on various nonprofit boards and in church-related activities. But those, too, will need to go. There’s no room in our new place for these old plaques, and there’s no need to tote them to Tennessee just to sit in another box in our new attic.

However, we will give the framed family photos to our kids. They are fun to look at and to remember how we lived back in the sixties and seventies. My large bouffant hairdo and Robin’s dark, horn-rimmed glasses reveal the styles we once thought so elegant. And even our children’s thick, heavy bangs look dated.

I guess it’s good for all of us to realize that sooner or later even today’s more flattering hairstyles and comfortable clothing will someday get big laughs as well.


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