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Puppy Love

Yesterday, we returned from a “puppy love fest” at the home of our son Marty.

Back in April, our kind-hearted hero returned to his home in Maryville with a stray dog who had been scavenging for scraps while he, his brother, brother-in-law, and cousins camped in northeast Mississippi.

Marty and his wife, Anna, named her Misti—a clever combo of “Mississippi” and “Tishomingo State Park.”  Then they took her to the local vet for a check-up, and you guessed it—Misti was pregnant!

Before her due date, Marty prepared a nice “birthing suite” with old towels in a plastic baby pool on their screened-in back porch, but she must have wanted more privacy. Little mama delivered her puppies under the porch on Sunday evening, June 3. When Marty was finally able to count them, he discovered nine healthy pups happily nursing!

It’s been quite a summer for Marty, Anna, and Audrey, our 20-year-old granddaughter. After a week or so, they moved Misti and her pups to a “kennel” they created on one end of their porch. A 12-to-14-inch-high “fence” separates the kennel from the rest of the porch. Plastic sheeting covers the carpeted floor, and brown butcher paper tops the plastic. Marty replaces the paper each morning. Misti and her pups also have access to the back yard by scooting down a ramp from the porch to the ground.

When Misti developed mastitis during her third week of nursing, Marty and his crew began preparing puppy formula and feeding three puppies at a time, four times a day. Fortunately, the puppies were old enough to lap from saucers. Several weeks later, the pups graduated to soaked dry puppy food, and lately, they’re beginning to eat the crunchy stuff following their soft-food meals.

Now, these precious puppies are seven weeks old. Three are male, and six are female. Interestingly, the males are the more docile ones. But they all love to romp and play together, and then they all konk out at the same time, sprawled on their sides and tummies.  Five are now spoken for, but I’m sure it won’t be long until they are all adopted.



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