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Before our wedding in August 1958, Robin and I wanted to earn a little extra money. That’s when we began making and selling sandwiches each night in our college dorms.

My enterprising fiancée got the idea from one of his buddies who had been selling sandwiches in their dorm that winter. However, his friend decided to stop, so that summer, Robin took over the business.

Two or three times a week, he’d jump into his blue and white ’52 Chevy and make a trip to the local grocery store, buy mayonnaise, mustard, multiple loaves of bread, fresh ham and cheese, canned tuna, and peanut butter and jelly.

Then I’d meet him at the Wesley Foundation’s little house across from the main gate of our campus. The two of us were active in both the Methodist students’ organization and the Presbyterian students’ Westminster Fellowship, but the Wesley Foundation had a nicer kitchen.

We’d clear off the long counter, wipe it down well, and lay out all the bread slices. From there, it became an assembly line as we slapped together the ham and cheese sandwiches first, then the tuna fish, and finally the peanut butter and jelly. Each sandwich was slipped into a plastic bag. Then we bundled them together in larger bags of each kind and placed them in the fridge until evening.

That night, we’d each go through our dorms, selling sandwiches to those who were studying or playing cards or visiting. The ham and cheese sold for a little more than the tuna or peanut butter; neither one of us can remember the exact prices now. However, I do remember we did sell out of our merchandise every night, and our sandwich fund began to grow.

In July, we decided to branch out and sell sandwiches at a discount to some of our sorority and fraternity friends who would peddle them in their residences too. By the time Robin graduated on August 7 and we married on August 8, we had quite a nice little account with which to begin our life together.

The following year, we learned that college officials no longer allowed students to sell food in the dorms. Maybe there were health regulations they needed to adhere to, but by then we were well on our way to other adventures.


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