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This morning, Robin and I were able to watch the full memorial service for Senator John McCain in Washington, D.C.  I hope many of you were able to watch it too. If so, you may feel as I do now—extremely thankful that John planned a service to remind us once again of the ideals and virtues that have made this country great.

Exerting power at the expense of others is never a path to greatness. Likewise, dividing one group against another ruptures our brotherhood.

Striving to understand and respect others, regardless of race, religion, gender, or political persuasion; being honest in one’s speech and dealings; asking for or extending forgiveness whenever one hurts another or is hurt—these are the virtues we honored this morning.

John was a courageous war hero, but he was also a courageous senator and statesman. Many times, he placed our country over political party and worked across the aisle to solve our nation’s problems. John never feared to speak truth to power.

Let us now honor John McCain’s great legacy by electing representatives who will exemplify these same virtues. The time for vitriol is over. The time for healing is at hand.


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