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Last night, Robin remarked that it’s still hard for him to realize that our being here in Franklin is not just “temporary.”  Today marks our third week of being here in our little villa, and it’s finally sinking in that this will be our home for a while. At least, we hope so! The Fountains assisted living facility across the street is beautiful, but the residents live in apartments, and that’s more like living in a large hotel. We’re happy to be here in our own little house for the next few years.

We’ve been running around town, finding items to make our “nest” comfortable, and it’s been fun to decorate a new place. A big drawback is the hassle we’ve experienced with all the heavy traffic in this busy city.  However, the main streets are becoming more familiar now, and although we still don’t have GPS, I’ve learned how to go to Google Maps online to get directions to a particular place.

Robin drove solo for the first time on Thursday. Our neighbor, three doors down in Villa 341, is a golfer, and Curt and Robin set up a tee time at Forrest Crossing Golf Course at 10:10 that morning. However, Curt planned to go early to hit a few practice balls, so Robin drove his old Buick by himself. We prepared for that by making a dry run to the golf course the day before so Robin could get the directions planted more firmly in his mind.

Thursday morning was beautiful, with temperatures expected to rise into the 60’s, and my happy husband felt confident he could find his way to the course and back without any problems. In fact, he did fine, driving to the place. On the way home, though, he hit a snag.

A bad car accident had blocked South Royal Oaks Blvd., and police were shuttling traffic off the only street Robin knew would take him back home!  He told me later he followed the car in front of him, and they wound their way through a maze of side streets. Then he realized he was right back at the golf course!

He went inside to ask how he might go another way to get out to Murphreesboro Road, and he spotted his golf partner who had stayed over to have a beer. Curt told him to just follow him—our neighbor has lived in the Franklin area for a while, although he’s new to the Fountains—so Robin trailed Curt away from the golf course. Then Curt turned off but waved for Robin to go on. Fortunately, he recognized where he was at that point and made it home safely—albeit almost six hours after leaving that morning! That worried me, of course, but Robin said he played more slowly than usual due to Curt’s physical limitations

Anyhow, these two old duffers will be heading back out to the course again on our next pretty day—another good sign this place is not just temporary.  We’re finally “at home.”


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