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Road Repairs

This afternoon I traveled down Barcelona Road, one of the main thoroughfares here in Hot Springs Village.

One might think that’s not so remarkable, but the street’s been under repair for weeks, and we’ve been detouring over the mountain on a narrow, hilly, winding road. Today I glided across the smoothly-paved black patch above the newly-installed culvert, and it thrilled my heart.

Yesterday, I attended a memorial service for an 87-year-old friend. His older daughter thanked the congregation for coming, and she told us how she and her younger sister had planned to surprise their father by visiting him together before he passed away.

Again, one might think that’s not so remarkable, but the sisters had been estranged for years, and they had recently worked to repair the rift. Sadly, they didn’t get to surprise their father, but the two of them and their children and grandchildren were together again at the service. I’m sure their mother was thrilled.

Road repairs, both literal and figurative, are beautiful blessings on life’s journeys.


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