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Today, December 20, I’m celebrating my last birthday in my seventies. Younger adults may worry about getting older, but I have good news for them. For most of us, our seventies are great years, and I’ve met many folks here at the Fountains in their eighties and nineties who are still happily engaged in life. Some are physically hampered in one way or another, but their minds are as sharp as ever. Others have difficulty with memory, but they’re still getting along just fine with a little help.

Yesterday, I attended the weekly Sisterhood Fellowship, a small group of women who meet every Tuesday morning to drink coffee, eat apple fritters and donuts, and socialize. They think I’m the “youngster” in the group, but they’re all quite youthful in their demeanor and attitudes.

At yesterday’s gathering, each woman told about one Christmas they would never forget. Most grew up during the Depression, and their families were poor. Times were hard, but family reunions at Christmas were important and cherished.

One woman said her extended family numbered almost one hundred relatives who would travel from distant towns to attend the family’s Christmas dinner. Those who needed to spend the night often stayed in the empty fraternity houses at a nearby college

She was only about five years old when one Christmas, several young men in the family began to pass out and fall to the floor. Of course, that frightened her and many others too. The men had spent the night in a fraternity house where the water cistern had become tainted with some kind of bacteria that caused them to become ill. She said, thankfully, they all recovered, but that sight of young men dropping like flies all around her would be one she’d never forget!

I hope you will respond to this blog post and share one of your non-forgettable Christmas memories too. I’d love to hear from you.

Merry Christmas!


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