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Have you been following the saga regarding the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh for Supreme Court Justice? I’m fascinated with how differently the Republicans and Democrats on the Senate committee have interpreted the testimonies of Dr. Christine Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh. Now I wonder, will each side be content with what the FBI may uncover or not uncover this week? Will the three Republican senators who still have doubts be ready to make a decision when his name comes before the full Senate?

Full disclosure. Right now, I believe Christine Ford is the more credible of the two. Her story, her “truth,” is that at fifteen, she was assaulted by young Brett Kavanaugh. He vehemently denies that, but I believe he did not tell us the complete truth about his teenage behavior. Perhaps his being drunk that evening has blurred his memory so that now he truly believes he never attacked her. I doubt his friend, Mark Judge, will remember that incident, either. However, I believe they were both acting rough and tough that evening, having fun at her expense. She was brave to reveal her story, knowing there were other details she didn’t remember.

According to Dr. Ford’s testimony, the assault traumatized her severely and affected her life in profound ways for many years. Because of that, I believe she distinctly remembers who it was who was on top of her, who it was who was fumbling with her clothes, who it was who placed his hand over her mouth to silence her screaming, and who was laughing with his buddy. Later, she told her husband and therapist that the attacker was Brett Kavanaugh, and this was long before his name was presented as President Trump’s nominee.

I do hope the FBI will investigate all aspects of Dr. Ford’s and Judge Kavanaugh’s testimonies. I’m eager to learn what they will find.


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